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The Law Offices of Steven A. Booska are dedicated to creditor representation.  We offer both litigation and transactional services on commercial, consumer and subrogation matters.  We have successfully handled matters on behalf of clients from every state in the United states and a number of foreign countries.

Our goal is to provide each client with effective, efficient, and economical service on each matter entrusted to us.  We are completely computerized and have fully implemented Commercial Legal Software since 1990.  Modem to modem and EDI interface are available.

Our litigation department handles a substantial number of new suits each year.  Although the volume is challenging, we give each case individual attention.  Collection results are enhanced by our investigation department which has access to numerous databases and employ skilled investigators.  In addition, we maintain a collection department staffed with experienced, professional collectors, who resolve many cases without the need for litigation.

Our firm, with offices in San Francisco, is listed and bonded under all major forwarding services.


* Graduate of Golden Gate University School of Law
* Admitted to the California State Bar in 1983
* Licensed to practice in all State and Federal courts in California
* Member of the Commercial Law League of America
* Member of the State of California Bar Association
* Lectured before the National Association of Credit Management and National Business Institute
* Certified with the Commercial Law League of America Academy of Commercial and Bankruptcy Law Specialists as a Creditor's Rights Specialist

Associate - LINDA B.  HETLAND